Microsoft Releases Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 - 28 Oct 1999

Windows NT Magazine has learned that Microsoft plans to release Service Pack 6 (SP6) for Windows NT 4.0 sometime today. SP6 provides an updated set of fixes for NT Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, and NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition. However, Microsoft has said that this latest set of fixes is not a required upgrade. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, "This \[SP\] incorporates fixes that further increase the reliability of the Windows NT platform. By delivering SPs on a consistent basis, Microsoft has focused on helping customers allocate resources and budgets for SP deployments more efficiently." SP6 includes a cumulative grouping of security patches for both NT Workstation 4.0 and NT Server 4.0, specific fixes to customer issues and post-SP5 Y2K software updates. For Y2K purposes, Microsoft doesn't require users to migrate to SP6 to attain compliance. Microsoft recommends that customers examine the specific Y2K updates in SP6 to determine whether to deploy SP6. In terms of Y2K compliance, Microsoft continues to maintain SP4 and future SPs, including SP6, at a compliant status and SP3 as compliant with Minor Issues. For more information regarding Y2K compliance, visit Microsoft's Y2K Web site. Microsoft recommends that customers investigate SP6's documentation, and then determine whether to deploy SP6 based on the specific fixes and their environments (e.g., state of Y2K lockdown). For more information on specific issues and fixes, you can visit Microsoft's Service Packs Web site. You can order the SP6 CD-ROM for $14.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling by calling (800) 370-8758. Alternatively, you can download the service pack from Microsoft's Web site.

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