Microsoft Releases OneNote Share Extension for iOS 8

Microsoft Releases OneNote Share Extension for iOS 8

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Thanks to new extensibility features in iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile OS, it's now possible for third parties to improve on the base OS in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in interesting new ways. So Microsoft is supporting this extensibility with a new OneNote Share extension that lets you share information to OneNote from almost anywhere in iOS.

This extension requires iOS 8, which is shipping publicly this week. The app should be in the store sometime in the next 24 hours, Microsoft tells.

The OneNote Share extension supports both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business-based notebooks, Microsoft says. And it provides the following capabilities in a compatible iOS 8-based device:

Installed with the OneNote app. Just install the latest version of OneNote for iPhone (and iPod touch) or OneNote for iPad on an iOS 8-based device to get the new functionality. You need to be signed in with your Microsoft account to use the share functionality in iOS 8.

Enable share. To enable sharing with OneNote, display the Share menu from any app. Then, tap the More button and toggle OneNote to "On" in the Activities list. OneNote will now be available from Share throughout iOS.

Share. To clip websites, export file attachments, save photos, and share other items to OneNote, tap the Share button from any iOS app that supports sharing and then choose OneNote.

Choose where to share. In the Location entry in the Share pane that appears, you can choose where the item will go (notebook, section).

Add notes. You can add notes during the share using the Notes field. But you can of course add notes, change the title, and make other changes at any time.

Shared items are everywhere. Because your OneNote notebooks are cloud-based, you can access items shared from iOS from anywhere: The web, your PC, your mobile devices.

Very interested in checking this out. 

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