Microsoft Raising Minimum Seat Requirement for EA to 500 in July

Microsoft Raising Minimum Seat Requirement for EA to 500 in July

Microsoft began informing its Enterprise Agreement customers about changes to licensing back in December 2015 and is now ready to tell everyone else.

A blog post today from Richard Smith, General Manager for Microsoft World Wide Licensing and Pricing, describes the changes, and how they will affect current and future customers.

Here’s a few bullet points to highlight the important pieces of the message:

  • When: Takes effect on July 1, 2016.
  • Commercial customers signing new Enterprise Enrollments or Enterprise Subscription Enrollments will increase from 250 users or devices to 500.
  • New commercial customers within the 250 to 499 user or device range will be recommended to sign agreements for modern volume licensing solutions: The Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) and the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).
  • At expiration of the current EA term, existing customers with fewer than 500 users or devices can transition to MPSA or CSP, or extend their current EA by 36 months.

Read the full post: Another step in licensing transformation: new policy and guidance for Enterprise Agreement customers

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