Microsoft Racing to Fix the Ultimate Laptop?

Microsoft Racing to Fix the Ultimate Laptop?

Since Microsoft released its semi-innovative but powerfully performing Surface Book in October of this year, early owners have been working through nagging problems. It seems Microsoft is treating hardware much like its latest Windows 10 OS in that it’s never completely polished and will take some time to get it right.

The Surface Book has been plagued by keyboard and detachable display problems that have seen updates made available as fixes. But, there are other glaring problems, including:

  1. Computers freezes.
  2. Intel HD 520 display adaptor failure and recovery.
  3. Sleep and wake issues.
  4. Battery life problems.
  5. Keyboard and touchpad suddenly stop responding, but the Bluetooth mouse stays connected.
  6. Certain pen tips are not working.
  7. Trouble connecting 4k monitors at 60hz thru the Surface Dock at full resolution.

Microsoft is aware of the issues and still working on fixes. A new update delivered yesterday is intended to solve one of the problem that has surfaced (pun intended). The update is intended to fix problem “2” in the list. It’s also suggested other fixes are in the update, but as we know by now Microsoft is under a policy of update anonymity – so we might never know. However, if Microsoft was somehow able to deliver a fix for every single issues, I’m sure we’d hear trumpeted from the rooftops.

The Surface Book sold out quickly when made available publicly, and many early owners are running up against the 30-day return window. Microsoft is racing the clock trying to solve the laptop’s problems before it has to deal with returned units. I’ve talked with many who weren’t quick enough to get in on the first round of shipments and who are still waiting for their Surface Book shipment that is now promised for January. They are watching these problems anxiously and in earnest, hoping that Microsoft can work out all the bugs before then – or they will be cancelling their orders. You might remember the last time Microsoft had an overstock of devices (*cough*, *cough*, Surface RT).

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