Microsoft Partners with Laplink to Move Windows XP Users' Data for Free

Microsoft Partners with Laplink to Move Windows XP Users' Data for Free

Available later this week, a new tool called PCmover Express for Windows XP will be made available as a free download for Windows XP holdouts who find their biggest migration concern to be personal data migration.

PCmover Express for Windows XP will copy files and settings from Windows XP to a new computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. The tool works to transfer files across a home or business network and Windows XP users can customize the files, music, videos, email and user profile information that is transferred. Obviously, those using Windows XP have an accumulated history of old files, so the tool offers a great opportunity to de-clutterize while migrating to a newer operating system and hardware.

To get an idea of what the tool will offer when released, Laplink already provides a paid, professional version and you can visit their web site to read more about it. They also offer a Windows XP version that comes with a special 60% discount – if you can't wait until the free, Express version is released. You can read more about that here: PCmover

However, there's a distinct difference between the Express version and the paid version that you should be aware of. The tool releasing this week through the Microsoft and Laplink partnership will only migrate data and user profile information – it will NOT migrate applications. If the lack of moving applications is a big concern, you'll need to shell out the $23.95 price to Laplink to get the Professional version. I'm sure Laplink is hoping that applications are important enough.

There's a PCmover Express FAQ available now to download for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions PDF

Interesting enough, even though the file name of the PDF says "FINAL" in the name, the download links for the free offering in the doc aren't live yet. Still it provides some good information to sift through. Of note, PCmover Express requires administrator rights on both the originating and destination PCs.

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