Microsoft Names Mira as Windows CE for Smart Displays

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it will market its Mira display technology as Windows CE for Smart Displays, a curiously technical name for a general consumer-oriented product. The first generation of Windows CE for Smart Displays devices will be available later this year from companies such as Viewsonic, Fujitsu, and Philips. They enable Windows XP Professional users to access their desktop PCs remotely from anywhere in their home, using wireless technology.

"Since introducing Windows CE for Smart Displays at CES in January, we have seen great momentum and support for this new technology, with more than 15 industry-leading partners signed up to deliver a variety of wireless monitor form factors," said Todd Warren, general manager of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft. "These Windows Powered Smart Displays will extend the consumer’s Windows XP experience out of the home office or den into more relaxed settings, providing access to their personal data, applications and services from any room in the home."

Devices based on Windows CE for Smart Displays will ship in a variety of sizes, including versions with 6-inch, 10-inch, and 15-inch displays, ranging in price from about $500 to $1000. The devices include Windows CE .NET and 802.11b-based wireless capabilities.

TAGS: Windows 8
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