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Microsoft Intune Updates and New Features for July

Agile Development is a norm around Microsoft these days.

That basically breaks down to the fact that new features and enhancements are being shipped on a regular basis, many times more than once a month, and so keeping up with that progress can be challenging.

In order to help with that tracking, here is a great resource for Microsoft Intune users to get a list of those new items in the service.

Each month, the Intune team updates this documentation with a list of new features and enhancements for the previous month.

Today that document is highlighting the following new additions for July:

-- Restrict Android and iOS device enrollment restriction by OS version
-- Restrict Android, iOS, and macOS device personally owned device enrollment
-- New device action to force devices to sync with Intune
-- Conditional access support for Mac devices
-- Check Point SandBlast Mobile - New Mobile Threat Defense partner
-- Deploy an app as available in the Windows Store for Business
-- UI updates to the Company Portal website
-- Enhancements to app tiles
-- Navigation changes
-- Updates to Featured Apps
-- iBooks support for the Company Portal website
-- Light and dark modes available for the Company Portal app for Windows 10
-- Enable end users to tag their device group in the Company Portal app for Windows 10

They are also highlighting the end of support for two mobile operating systems, iOS 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, so users will need to make sure their client devices are updated to either iOS 9 or Windows 10 Mobile.

You can read the full details of these updates and changes over on the Microsoft Intune document portal.


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