Microsoft Health Update Fixes Notifications and Notification Defaults

Microsoft Health Update Fixes Notifications and Notification Defaults

Overnight, Microsoft delivered a Microsoft Health app update that brought bug fixes without new features. For some (myself included), it introduced a bigger bug that was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Health app from the Windows store. Now with that bug sorted out and fixed, I've been able to uncover what the update serves to fix.

At the beginning of April, Microsoft delivered a pretty big feature update for the Microsoft Health app and the Microsoft Band. One of the included features was the ability to make specific selections as to which apps would send notifications to the Microsoft Band (read about that HERE). But, when originally introduced, the feature actually defaulted to turning notifications for all apps ON. Delivering notifications for every inventoried app on a smartphone could get monotonous and annoying until you sifted through the list and customized it.

With today’s update, ALL apps except for “Phone” app is turned OFF by default, and if you had to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Health app due to the bug experience by some, you’ll need to go back into the Manage Tiles – Notifications – Edit section and reconfigure your notifications to turn on what you want to be notified about.

Additionally, I can confirm that notifications seem to be flowing much better with this update. Some reported that notifications ceased completely. That would happen to me on occasion but rebooting the phone would fix it.

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