Microsoft Health Update for Android Seeks to Fix Battery Drain

Microsoft Health Update for Android Seeks to Fix Battery Drain

A day after Microsoft extolled the virtues of Microsoft Edge over Google Chrome for battery savings, the company is pushing a new Microsoft Health update for Android to fix a battery consumption bug that has plagued the platform since a release earlier this month. I reported about that HERE. Essentially, if you leave Microsoft Health running on an Android handset the battery drains quickly.

This is not the first time this bug has surfaced. Customers have complained about this before, most notably right after Band 2 launch in October 2015. Thankfully, Microsoft has been good with getting updates delivered swiftly after bugs are uncovered by Band 2 owners. An update a week or so ago was thought to include this particular fix, but it didn’t work for some Band 2 Android owners. Even though Microsoft continues its push onto the Android platform for all its apps, the company still faces a tough dilemma servicing all the various Android forks and versions. Not every bug fix will fix every bug.

So, as this new edition of Microsoft Health rolls out and Android users report in, let’s see if the battery consumption bug is resolved. Feel chatty? Leave me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter to let me know your findings.

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