Microsoft Health Update Allows Disabling of Social Features

Microsoft Health Update Allows Disabling of Social Features

Don’t Use the Microsoft Band Leaderboard? You can now turn it Off.

In the latest Microsoft Health app update for mobile, Microsoft has added the option to turn off the in-app Leaderboard tile that was introduced in a recent update. Some Band owners decided not to connect their Health accounts to Facebook (which is required for the Leaderboards and challenges), and others have found the performance of the social tile to be poor – prompting more than a few complaints and subsequent requests for Microsoft to provide an option to remove it.

To turn it off and on, go into the Preferences area of the Health app to locate the toggle switch.

Note that if/when you choose to remove the in-app tile, it will also end any current challenges you created and remove you from any you are currently participating in. The action effectively disconnects your Band account from Facebook.

Additionally, this update includes a new on-band Explore tile and a GPX/TCX export option in the Health web dashboard.

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