Microsoft Health Now Available for Windows 10 for PCs – Sort Of

Microsoft Health Now Available for Windows 10 for PCs – Sort Of

UPDATE: The Band Sync bug is now fixed with an update. See: Quick Update Release Fixes Microsoft Band USB Sync with Windows 10 for PCs

This week, Microsoft officially announced a Microsoft Health app for Windows 10 PCs (among other new, nifty features).

The app cached in the Windows Store overnight and is now generally available. In the Windows Store search for “Microsoft Health,” or just use this link:

The app is truly nothing more than a port of the Windows Phone version, just refreshed a little to support larger screens. There’s not much to get excited about except the ability to review your Microsoft Health dashboard data on your PC. In fact, just like the mobile version, an Internet connection is required to retrieve your data. So, the Health web Dashboard is still your best bet for full data review:

Currently, even though the app suggests you can use it to sync your Band over USB, many are reporting that anything that connects directly to the device doesn’t work.

So, if you have been using the Desktop sync app, don’t uninstall it right away hoping that this app will replace it. So, essentially – nice try, Microsoft but keep trying.

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