Microsoft Health Desktop Sync Bug for Cardio Minutes on the Leaderboard

Microsoft Health Desktop Sync Bug for Cardio Minutes on the Leaderboard

As part of the Leaderboards that Microsoft introduced a couple months back, you can view yourself against your Facebook-connected friends for number of steps taken and also for minutes spent performing cardio exercises. The cardio minutes factor is an interesting one, particularly since there’s both a duration and a bonus attributed to the total number. You can read all about that here: Microsoft Band: Cardio Minutes Versus Cardio Duration.

Recently, Microsoft provided a universal version of the Microsoft Health app, allowing the app to run and sync on both mobile and desktop versions of Windows 10. I’ve noticed recently that sometimes my cardio minutes listed on the leaderboard doesn’t match the cardio minutes shown in my Microsoft Health Dashboard.

After digging into the issue a bit I found that this only happens when I choose to sync only with the Windows 10 desktop version of the app. The mobile version always works. And, if the numbers don’t match after syncing using the desktop app, I can resync using the mobile app to fix the numbers.

I’m just raising this issue here in the event you have been scratching your head wondering why the cardio minutes stat isn’t matching up. If it looks off, make sure to sync using the mobile app for now. Hopefully, Microsoft will get this fixed soon.

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