Microsoft Health App Update Rolling Out to Fix Bugs

Microsoft Health App Update Rolling Out to Fix Bugs

Just a few days after delivering a new update this month, Microsoft is rolling out a new Microsoft Health app update that also comes with new Band firmware.

This month’s original update that delivered June 3 was littered with various bugs, including Android battery drain, Live Tile transparency problems, a problem with choosing specific workouts in the exercise tile, and other things.

Today’s update is now available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Desktop, and Android. iOS users usually get their updates a bit slower, sometimes taking a week or longer than Windows and Android. For example, iTunes just approved this month’s first iteration on June 6.

The major features for this month’s update is a new on-Band Heart Rate Zone feature (the feature already existed in the Health Dashboard) and Cortana for Android users.

I’ve installed today’s update and am already sifting through to see what’s been fixed. If you’re an Android user and find what’s fixed, let me know.

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