Microsoft Health App Update for Android Fixes Due This Week

Microsoft Health App Update for Android Fixes Due This Week

For those using the Microsoft Health app on an Android device running Marshmallow, you’ve probably experienced some odd SMS text issues. Some have experienced problems where sending texts from the Band to the Android smartphone results in a multitude of duplicate messages being sent. Others have had problems sending any text messages at all.

According to an email to John Wolf, Android users can expect an update to the Microsoft Health app this week that should address the problems.

The Microsoft Band team has been diligent in providing monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) updates for the Microsoft Band ecosystem, delivering new features and fixes. You really have to commend them, as they are quick to turnaround customer requests and complaints. This new update for the Android problem, could be an update for all platforms that just happens to have the Android fixes included. We’ll just have to wait to see.

Personally, I’m loving having significant new features show up monthly. It’s like getting a brand new fitness device every month.

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