Microsoft Health App to Go Full UWP Soon?

Microsoft Health App to Go Full UWP Soon?

Uncovered this week by Windows Blog Italy, it appears that the Microsoft Health app may get a major update soon. We’ve known that this would happen eventually, but its extra good to see that things are actually still rolling along.

Screenshots of the app are provided in the Windows Blog Italy post. It gives you a good idea of how the app will also change on mobile devices, considering this uncovered version is intended to be used as a cross-device (Universal Windows Platform – UWP) app.

The Windows Blog Italy post is in Italian, but if you want to read it in English use this link (translated by Bing): Exclusive! Microsoft Health preview for Windows 10

Windows Blog Italy has also provided a video walkthrough for the upcoming app:

In addition to a cross-device app, Microsoft has also suggested that a future Microsoft Band will run a version of Windows 10. This could be part of the larger hardware device launch in early 2017 after Redstone is finally released for public consumption.

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