Microsoft Health App for Android Gets Cortana Support

Microsoft Health App for Android Gets Cortana Support

An update for the Microsoft Health app is now available that fixes the texting bugs I noted just a couple days ago, but also brings a new, sought after feature.

Not just a Windows Mobile thing any longer, Cortana operability now works for Android.

All you budding Dick Tracy types, go get it!

Microsoft Health in the Google Play Store

This update is primarily a big feature addition for Android users, but there's at least one new thing for Windows Mobile users, too. A new Heart Rate Zones is included. I'll be digging into this feature more in the coming days, but the intent is to...

Track your heart rate zones on Band: Improve your workout health with notifications for heart rate zones. When you're at 80% maximum heart rate, the heart rate on Band turns orange. At 90%, it turns red.

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