Microsoft Health for Android and Windows Mobile 10 Get Updates, iOS Stalled as Usual

Microsoft Health for Android and Windows Mobile 10 Get Updates, iOS Stalled as Usual

I feel sorry for iPhone users sometimes. It’s no doubt that Apple makes a stellar hardware/OS ecosystem for mobile, but unfortunately, due to Draconian measures keeps iPhone users from enjoying app updates in a timely manner. I’ve heard stories that this will be improved in the near future, but for now, even things like the Microsoft Health app update continues to rollout at least a week (sometimes more) after it becomes available for Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

This has to be concerning, considering that the June 2016 update for iOS left many without the ability to pair and sync with their iPhones. The last update for the iPhone version was on June 6, and there have been at least two bug fix updates for Android and Windows 10 Mobile since then. iPhone users are left out in the cold. And, as is always the case, many iPhone users blame Microsoft when its actually Apple that needs to develop a better approval system for iTunes.

For those iPhone users still reading, you can go ahead and blank out now or simply link off to read something else, because I have to report that overnight both Android and Windows 10 Mobile received updates to the Microsoft Health app. The update also brought a new firmware version for the Microsoft Band hardware.

It’s unclear what changes were delivered in the updates, but suffice to say it’s probably safe to figure that it’s just bug fixes. That last bug fix that delivered only a week or so ago helped solve smartphone battery drain issues for many Android users, but left some others with the problem unsolved. Additionally, the Band hardware itself is reported to suffer its own battery drain problems. Some have seen their Band battery go from lasting almost 48 hours to just under 14.  I suspect today’s update will try to fix those. In addition, we’re approaching a new month, so Microsoft could also be laying the groundwork for some new features to deliver in just a few days. The company has been excellent at delivering new features consistently, so that it’s almost like getting a brand new Band each month when the updates release.

For the iPhone users – I don’t know what to tell you. You will get an update. Sometime. Some day.

Hang in there.

UPDATE: Reports are starting to flow through indicating that today's update has fixed double notifications for Android users and the Microsoft Health app itself seems more fluid, i.e., better performance.

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