Microsoft Gifts Fitness Seekers with a Longer Discount Promotion on the Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Gifts Fitness Seekers with a Longer Discount Promotion on the Microsoft Band 2

As you know from the experiences that I’ve written about here on SuperSite, Microsoft’s Band continues to be one of the most consistently accurate devices for fitness monitoring. The Microsoft Band 2 has seen its share of discount sales since the product released in October of 2015. But, the most recent one has now been extended until July 29, keeping the Microsoft Band 2 at what seems to be the buyer’s sweet spot of $175.

The original retail price of the Band 2 was $250, but the wearable has rarely stayed at that purchase price throughout its shelf life. Some have wondered why Microsoft doesn’t just alter the retail price to make $175 the permanent range, but that would hamper the ability to deliver special promotions. Additionally, Microsoft seems to be in learning mode from the constant new price promotions. Maybe $175 is the perfect range that make buyers most interested, and if so, could be applied to the launch of Microsoft Band 3.

Some have suggested that the constant price breaks support rumors that the Microsoft Band 3 may release sometime this summer with an announcement in June and availability in July. While Microsoft has absolutely been working the next iteration of the wearable, there’s no good information on when it might be available. The current rumors are July (to offset Band 2 construction issues), October (to hit the normally scheduled, annual hardware launch target), or early 2017 (to coincide with massive new hardware launch meant to support Redstone 2).

The Microsoft Band 2 is available from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Amazon for the same $174.99 price. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping.

Microsoft Band 2 on Amazon

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