Microsoft To Do Updated with iPad and iOS 11 Support

Although it continues to be a point of frustration for Wunderlist To Do fans, the Microsoft To Do app that has replaced it still has a lot of work to be done in order to achieve some feature parity with its predecessor.

I have been using Microsoft To Do since it was released in preview last year and it has become my daily task tracker. By using your Microsoft Account with the app, you'll be able to sync all of your activities across each device that To Do is installed on, and each day you are asked to review items that were not completed the day before. This is a great way to be reminded about what is on your active list of tasks.

The items you create in To Do are synched to Outlook for that Microsoft Account as well so that means you will not only be able to see the items you add in the app but you will also be able to manage your tasks in Outlook and have that sync across the app on your devices.

As they have been doing for a few years now, Microsoft also embraces the idea that Microsoft's customer are not 100% contained within the Microsoft ecosystem so the To Do app is available on Android and iOS.

Up until last week the To Do app was not optimized for the larger screens on iPads but used the iPhone style layout. While it was functional, it left a lot to be desired when it came to the use of screen real estate.

That all changed late last week with an update that as released via the App Store for Microsoft To Do.

Now in version 1.13 of the app it now supports the larger iPad screens and has received support for the upcoming release of iOS11 which is expected very soon.

Here is the full list of improvements and fixes in the update:

-- Improved: Our sort options have been sorted out. Now the order of your lists will match across all of your devices.
-- Fixed: Sometimes we didn’t recognize that certain keyboards were entering to-do titles. Now third-party keyboards can create to-dos with actual titles.
-- Fixed: We also fixed the quirk that caused the list header to display oddly when renaming a list.
-- Fixed: You can now edit and save notes offline without encountering the endless sync spinner.
-- Fixed: And once edited, your notes will display every character correctly. We fixed the bug affecting certain Cyrillic characters.
-- Fixed: We want to help remember all your important to-dos. Occasionally, though, we were a bit too persistent about reminding you. We got the message and will stop sending reminders for to-dos in deleted lists.
-- Fixed: We also made it easier to edit your existing reminders. We fixed that pesky problem where the detail view wouldn’t open after tapping a reminder. Likewise, the date field will now display properly when setting custom dates and times for your reminders.
-- Fixed: Reordering lists on iOS 11 would sometimes crash the app. No longer. Now that we support iOS 11, you may sort to your heart’s content.

One other thing about the To Do app, no matter which platform you access it with, the layout and UI are almost identical.

Fits right in with Microsoft's goal of giving users mobility for the experience.


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