Microsoft Display Dock Retail Packaging


Rod has already posted his First Look at the Microsoft Lumia 950 handset as he continues preparing a full series of reviews for you that will come out over the next couple of weeks.

That Lumia 950 handset and Microsoft Display Dock arrived in very unique packaging for the review as you can see in Rod's screenshot gallery but anyone planning to pick up the dock at retail will see different packaging.

I headed out to my local AT&T store to pick up the 950 for myself along with the Continuum dock and so I wanted to share a mini-unboxing to show everyone how it arrives off the shelf.

Included in the box:

- Display Dock (3 USB 2.0 ports; HDMI; DisplayPort; USB-C Connector for power supply; USB-C Connector for sync/charging of 950)

- 1 meter USB 3.1 USB-C cable

- USB-C based wall charger (hard wired)


P.S. These unboxing images were taken with the spectacular camera on the Lumia 950.



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