Microsoft Campus Visit 2015

I spent a few days on the Microsoft campus in Redmond last week and have much to share. Expect a series of articles this week outlining the content of our meetings. A lot of what I was able to gather is important to companies wanting to understand the new Microsoft and how the company's revamped vision applies to the technologies implemented now and those planned for the future.

This was the first of a regular series of gatherings with the intent to help bring better clarity to Microsoft's new vision and show an honest intention of a desire for openness with customers. Using the press, Microsoft wants to build strong bridges between customers and itself and ensure someone is capable of acquiescing the truth. Personally, I'm honored to have been included in this inaugural event and look forward to many more. And, what you'll see in my coverage this week is a Microsoft that quite possibly, truly believes it's working from the right intentions.

To be clear, during the week I heard a scripted, carefully crafted message, but it was through the questions and interactions with the product groups and area leaders that we were able to pull a bit more information out into the open. And, the good news is that Microsoft's representatives were completely agreeable to sharing honest answers.

To kick off this week's coverage, I've included a series of photos from the trip. I hope you enjoy them and hope that through both the photos and this week's coverage you feel like you were there with me.

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