Microsoft Band v2 Support Link Appears and Disappears

Microsoft Band v2 Support Link Appears and Disappears

The scouring of the Internet continues for any official information relating to the hardware that will be announced next month in New York City by Microsoft.

It is expected that we will hear about the successors to the Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Band in addition to new Lumia flagship phones for Windows 10 Mobile.

While we have seen leaked information and other speculation about these devices, including renders of Microsoft Band v2, nothing has been officially released from Microsoft about these products.

However, we are getting closer to the possibility that we will learn more about these devices soon because today a link has appeared on one of Microsoft's Band support pages - How to Connect your Microsoft Band.

If you look at the Related topics on the right hand side of that page (screenshot below) you will see the first link points towards Microsoft Band 2 features and functions.

Related Topics Microsoft Band

After receiving this tip, thanks Ryan, I clicked through to that page only to find it shows as a 404 - Page Not Found error:

Microsoft Band V2 Specs Page Not Found

While I am bummed but not surprised the info is not there it is part of the movement forward to announcing the second generation wearable from Microsoft. I guess Best Buy selling the original Microsoft Band for less than $100 is also a good indicator as well.

Note: Just before going live with this article the Microsoft Band 2 features and functions link was pulled off the support page as shown above.  The direct link still works but continues to show a Page Not Found 404 error.

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