Microsoft Band v2 renders leaked online

Microsoft Band v2 renders leaked online

We already know that the Microsoft Band is being updated this year and we expect details of the upgraded device to be made available on 06 October in New York City during a larger hardware announcement event Microsoft has scheduled for the tech press.

That event, which will be live streamed, is also expected to also reveal new Lumia handsets, Cityman (950XL) and Talkman (950), plus the Surface Pro 4.

While we wait for those product announcements the inevitable leaks occur and over this past weekend a Spanish enthusiast website posted images of leaked renders of what Microsoft Band v2 might look like.

The renders indicate it will be a sleeker device with a curved screen, use a similar clasp as v1 does and that it will still have a thick band that will house the sensors and battery.

The new Microsoft Band should carry all the current sensors that are in v1 and while battery life has improved with recent firmware updates, Microsoft Band v2 will need to continue those improvements since battery life was a major complaint around v1.

As I look at the renders I have some concerns around the band that houses the battery and sensors. I have replaced my original Microsoft Band twice. The first time it was because the clasp failed but the second replacement was due to battery case covers separating from the Band during normal wear. I believe this was occurring because you must stretch the band to fit it over your wrist and that stresses the battery covers on the strap/device. The strap of the Band is quite thick and not very flexible so that adds to the issue.

I have talked to several others who have seen the same thing on their Band's so it appears to be a design related flaw which I hope is fixed in v2.

Here are the three images of what v2 of the Microsoft Band is expected to look like:

Microsoft Band v2 Render

Microsoft Band v2 Render

Microsoft Band v2 Render

Images from

So what do you think of these images? Are you looking at getting v2 of Microsoft Band when it becomes available?

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