Microsoft Band Price Drops and Stock Issues on Amazon

Microsoft Band Price Drops and Stock Issues on Amazon

Just a few days ago I reported that the UK Microsoft Store had extended its discount on the Microsoft Band 2, further evidence that Band 3 is coming. I even noted then that, if a Band 3 was truly releasing in October, I sort of expected the US store to follow suit. So, I see today that Neowin has noticed that the US Microsoft Band store has also extended the deal.

Digging around Amazon a bit earlier while researching a couple things for an upcoming article on the Band’s new Heart Rate Zones feature (stay tuned), I also noticed a couple changes in Amazon’s Band 2 stock.

Currently, Amazon still has stock for the Large and Small sizes, but the Medium size stock is depleted and only available from 3rd party suppliers. When Amazon makes note to buy from 3rd parties instead of giving a message about when a product will be available again, it generally means that product will not be restocked.

Additionally, prices for the Microsoft Band 2 on Amazon are starting to plummet. Apparently, Amazon knows something.

Here’s current pricing:

Large = $174.99

Medium (from 3rd party sellers) = $159.00

Small = $144.99 (over $100 savings!)

Obviously, if you’re a small person with a small wrist, this is the best time to grab a Band 2 – or snag one as a gift.

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