Microsoft Band now more widely available in US and in UK for pre-orders

Microsoft Band now more widely available in US and in UK for pre-orders

Just a couple of hours ago I wrote about getting ready for the arrival of your Microsoft Band since online availability had picked back up a couple of weeks ago for many of you.

Well if you were unable to grab a Band during that restock today’s news from Microsoft is going to give you a much better opportunity to join the Band crowd.

Microsoft’s Matt Barlow, the GM for New Devices at Microsoft, has revealed the next step in the journey of Microsoft Band.

After only having the Band available in its own online and retail stores since its launch last year the Microsoft Band, as of today, will be available through Amazon, Best Buy and Target here in the US.

Microsoft Stores will also see their own inventory increase through larger shipments which they will receive on a more regular basis instead of the scattered availability we have been familiar with.

This is great news to now have the official word on expanded availability. You may recall that last week Rod reported on the rumored availability of Microsoft Band at Best Buy stores based on some internal documentation that was floating around. Seems that report was on the mark based on today’s news.

When that story came out I knew that meant Band production was ramping up because I used to work at Best Buy and they do not like to bring in a product to display on the shelves if it is not available to sell.  Retail space is a commodity and needs to produce sales in the long run.

The expansion to Target and Best Buy also means there are more places for potential buyers to go see and try out the Band before purchase. While the brick and mortar Microsoft Stores make a lot of sense as initial retail entry points they are not as widely available for the entire US population. Target and Best Buy closes that gap quickly.

As gaps for retail availability are being trimmed in the US there is an international gap also being closed for our friends in the United Kingdom.

Effective today the Band is available in the UK for pre-order from the Microsoft Store online as well as other retail partners in the UK which include Amazon, Curry’s PC World, Dixons travel, Harrods and O2.

The Microsoft Band in the UK has an estimated retail price of £169.99 and will be available on 15 April 2015.

Increased availability means increased production which in turn bodes very well for the future of Microsoft Band.

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