Microsoft Band App for Windows Gets an Update to Fix Live Tile

Microsoft Band App for Windows Gets an Update to Fix Live Tile

There’s been a rash of one-off updates for the Microsoft Health – now Microsoft Band app over the course of the last few months. Since about June, Microsoft has been delivering updates to the app to fix bugs instead of new features.

One lingering bug that has bothered some Windows Mobile users has been that the Live Tile stopped working a few months back. The Live Tile feature provided a quick-glance view of daily accomplishments.

The Microsoft Band app has been updated today for Windows PC and Windows Mobile devices, and this update does finally fix the Live Tile problem.

Some have suggested that the constant updating might suggest that Microsoft is not actually done with its fitness hardware, which has been the popular rumor over the past couple weeks. But, I think its just the opposite. If Microsoft can get its software/hardware to a manageable state, it shouldn't have to dedicate as many resources to maintaining a dead product.

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