Microsoft Band 2 Tested to Be Among the Most Secure

Microsoft Band 2 Tested to Be Among the Most Secure

Thanks to Phillipe in the Microsoft Band Community on Facebook for finding this report.

A new report from the independent IT-security institute, AV-Test, shows that the Microsoft Band 2 is one of the more secure fitness wearable devices available.

AV-Test took several fitness devices, including the Basis Peak, Microsoft Band 2, Mobile Action Q-Band, Pebble Time, Runtastic Moment Elite, Striiv Fusion, Xiaomi MiBand and the Apple Watch and ran them through a series of tests designed to determine safety of connection and protection of privacy data.

The resulting report focused on 2 distinct areas: Is the data recorded in the tracker or app secure against spying or hacking by third parties and is the data in the tracker or app secure against tampering?

Split out against these 2 focus areas, the testers looked at Visibility, Bluetooth privacy, discoverability, authentication, and tamper protection.

The Pebble Time, Basis Peak and Microsoft Band 2 were the most secure, while the Runtastic, Striiv and Xiaomi put owners at the most risk.

Full report here: Seven Fitness Wristbands and the Apple Watch in a Security Check 2016

There’s also a downloadable version (PDF) here:

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