Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Now Works for Windows RT Devices

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Now Works for Windows RT Devices

Windows RT is like the pre-ball Cinderella, still waiting for the glass slipper, still stuck cleaning out the chimney, and still taking orders from the snooty step-sisters.

There's not been much movement on the Windows RT front for a long while. Most could say that Windows RT is dead, and no one would argue. There's been very little development from Microsoft and definitely no positive news.

So, it's interesting to hear today that Microsoft is making an Azure RemoteApp client available for Windows RT. Released in Preview during TechEd 2014, RemoteApp allows business apps to be installed to run in Microsoft Azure and then run from there using an installable client. Up until now, the client has only been available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Still, it's good to hear that those with Surface 2's, or the original Surface RT, can take advantage of RemotApp, though these devices are generally considered to be solely consumer devices. At least there's some movement on the Windows RT front, if not the glass slipper yet.

To get access to the preview, you'll need to grab the client from here: Microsoft RemoteApp

P.S. A client for Windows Phone 8.1 is due sometime this summer.

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