Member Server Upgrade

My setup includes a PDC file server that holds CAD drawings on Hub 1; a BDC email and Internet services server on Hub 1; a member application and file server on Hub 1, 2, and 3; and clients plugged into all three hubs and handled by the member server. I needed to upgrade the member server because the system had less than 5 percent available hard disk space and the processor was a little long in the tooth.

During this upgrade process, the biggest problem was installing WINS and DHCP on the new server. No matter what I tried, clients on Hub 2 and Hub 3 couldn't log on to the network. I tried every tweak and troubleshooting trick I know, but nothing worked. Finally, I closed all services on the old member server, copied the server's WINS and DHCP folders to the new server, and rebooted. This solution worked, and all clients can now log on.

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