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Meet the Community: More Blogs You Shouldn't Miss

Throughout August I'll highlight another one of the best resources the PowerShell community has to offer. Take some time this summer to expand your horizons, learn a new PowerShell technique, and further your mastery of the shell! This series will be entitled "Meet the Community," and I encourage you to get involved. It's a great way to learn in bite-sized chunks, get un-stuck, and make new connections in the broader world of PowerShell.

I don't read all of these blogs daily - although I wish I had time to do so. I make a point of hitting each one a couple times a month, though, because these are the folks doing some of the coolest figuring-out in the community. 

  • Doug Finke is a fellow MVP who's involved with ShowUI, a way of bringing a GUI into PowerShell scripts by using WPF.
  • Jeff Hicks, another fellow MVP, who blogs about extremely practical tips and tricks.
  • Eric Humphrey blogs about SQL, with a healthy dollop of PowerShell. 
  • PoSHPete is a bit irregular, but his posts are pure gold - detailed and very useful in the real world.
  • Steve Murawski is a clever guy, and shares some really great PowerShell tips
  • "Jaykul" is as much dev as admin, whether he admits it or not :). His HudledMasses blog is a great place to find truly hardcore PowerShell techniques.
  • Trevor Sullivan doesn't post frequently, but I've seen some really great, complete solutions in PowerShell that are worth checking out.
  • LucD Notes is a great stop for PowerCLI tips and techniques
Drop a comment with your own favorite blogs and online resources!
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