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Meet the Community: Free PowerShell Videos

Throughout August I'll highlight another one of the best resources the PowerShell community has to offer. Take some time this summer to expand your horizons, learn a new PowerShell technique, and further your mastery of the shell! This series will be entitled "Meet the Community," and I encourage you to get involved. It's a great way to learn in bite-sized chunks, get un-stuck, and make new connections in the broader world of PowerShell.

Summer is a good time for catching up and moving ahead - so with that in mind, here are some great, short, and completely free online videos to help you get started with PowerShell. Or, if you've already gotten started, you'll find plenty of material to help you master new tricks and techniques.

ShowUI is a community project that focuses on building WPF GUI interfaces in PowerShell; here's a great getting-started tutorial.

Here's a five-part series I did for PowerShell.com that focuses on practical uses of PowerShell.

I also have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to PowerShell tips and tricks, along with demos of gotchas and core techniques.

Here are five techniques to help make you a "scripting ninja." Throwing stars not included.

An older series of screencasts are still 100% applicable to today's shell, and are a great way to get started.

And, just for fun, DrScript TV, an online "TV channel" dedicated to the mascot of Microsoft's Script Center.

Happy viewing!

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