Measure Brain Health with the Microsoft Band

Measure Brain Health with the Microsoft Band

Cambridge Cognition, a UK-based technology business, has announced a new software kit that provides ongoing measurement of a person’s mental health. Ordinarily, an individual’s mental status could only be obtained during a single doctor visit, limiting the scope of knowledge. But this new Cognition Kit enables wearable technology to constantly record to provide additional information not historically available, including mood swings and external factors.

The kit supports both Apple Watch and Microsoft Band and Cambridge Cognition believes the ability to monitor mental health constantly will lead to new drugs and better patient care.

The initial study to prove the Cognition Kit works was done using the Microsoft Band 2, but is being developed to be compatible with all major wearable brands.

Find out more: Software for wearables can measure brain health

Visit Cambridge Cognition to learn more about the company:

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