McAfee Acquires Onigma, Introduces Data Loss Prevention Solution

McAfee announced that it acquired data protection solutions provider Onigma. The acquisition brings McAfee the ability to offer solutions to monitor and report on confidential data as well as to prevent its loss.

"Customers have been asking us for robust protection against the risks associated with the loss of confidential data and intellectual property," said Christopher Bolin, chief technology officer and executive vice president at McAfee. "Onigma gives us additional capabilities and expertise to help customers reduce the risk associated with compliance violations, corporate governance concerns, internal policy infractions and information leaks."

McAfee paid $20 million in cash to acquire Onigma. The solution is being marketed under the brand name of McAfee Data Loss Prevention. The company said the solution provides universal protection, including protection for copy and paste operations, screen captures, and works on stationary systems as well as mobile computers. McAfee Secure Internet Gateway complements Data Loss Prevention by extending protection to non-Windows devices, such as BlackBerry devices.

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