Maxfield Turns MP3s into Childs' Play

Are you a parent worried that your children might damage expensive MP3 players or, worse, their ears while listening to music at high volume levels? Check out Maxfield's MAX-JOY MP3 player, which is designed especially to meet the needs of 6-to-12-year-old children. Every aspect of the device—operation, design, material, headphones, display, price, as well as optionally installed audio fairytales—has been specifically engineered to meet the abilities and wishes of children

MAX-JOY comes with all the usual technology you would expect from an MP3 device, but it also incorporates practical, safe, and easy-use features that make it perfect for little ones. Special child-friendly features include audio output restriction (to a maximum of 60DB), tough external stereo Koss headphones, a seriously rugged outer casing complete with safety screws, extra large keys engineered for small fingers, and a very clear extra-luminous two-color OLED display with outstanding readability and luminosity.

Typical high-performance features, apart from the child-focused characteristics, include integrated Flash memory with 256MB that can be expanded up to 2GB with the SD/MMC card expansion slot, intuitive file navigation, an integrated microphone for voice recording, high-quality music playback, support of Windows DRM, and up to 19 hours of continuous play using only one AAA battery.

The unit comes with a carrying strap, a USB cable, one AAA battery, a CD-ROM with drivers, a multilanguage operating manual, and an easy-start short version of instructions. For pricing information, check out the Maxfield Web site.

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