Maxell Launches Speedy DVD-RAM Disc

Maxell announced the 5X DVD-RAM disc, the fastest rewritable, high-capacity DVD media that you can currently buy. The product features Maxell's Bismuth Coupling Material (BCM) recording layer, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio for high-quality high-speed recording. With a 4.7GB capacity, the disc can record up to 6 hours in extended play mode. The product can also record at speeds of 2X and 3X and is compatible with all DVD-RAM drives and recorders, RAM-readable DVD-ROM devices, and DVD players. The 5X DVD-RAM's advanced hard coating and antistatic properties make it extremely durable and resistant to dust and dirt.

The 5X DVD-RAM is ideally suited for multimedia storage, data transfer, and high-capacity archival storage. "More and more people are turning to DVD media as a way to store and archive critical digital information," Peter Brinkman, Maxell Corporation of America's vice president of marketing, said.

DVD-RAM is an advanced recording media format that offers a range of digital-data applications. Its phase-change recording material allows discs to be rewritten and erased up to 100,000 times, and a superior defect-management system ensures accurate recording and playback. DVD-RAM allows instant, random access to any location on the disc for fast and easy data reading and writing. It's also an extremely easy-to-use medium. Changes can be made directly on the disc without the need to transfer data to a hard disk first, thus speeding up editing tasks.

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