Many of my users use IMAP4 over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to connect to the Exchange Server system. Occasionally, the Exchange Server Information Store (IS) stops accepting the IMAP4/SSL connections. When I check the event logs on the server,

A. The Exchange Server IS has a flaw. A particular combination of IMAP4 Fetch command parameters makes the Exchange Server IS choke and drop its existing IMAP/SSL connections and stop accepting new connections. Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) offers a hotfix, but it won't reveal the exact combination of IMAP4 Fetch command parameters because running the command against an unpatched server constitutes a denial-of-service attack. To use the hotfix, you need build 5.5.2560 or later of store.exe, netif.dll, gapi32.dll, and mdbmsg.dll.

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