Low-Priced 4-Megapixel Optical-Zoom Digital Camera

Concord Camera announced the Concord Eye-Q 4360z, a 4-megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera. The Concord Eye-Q 4360z features advanced optics, a 3x optical zoom, a 6x digital zoom (18x total zoom), exposure control, and 30fps AVI video capability. The camera's user-friendly interface permits easy and intuitive access to sophisticated photographic controls, such as exposure and white balance control. The Concord Eye-Q 4360z includes two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, a four-battery charger, and a power meter that continuously displays battery-life on the 1.5" TFT LCD screen. The camera offers 16MB of internal memory. For detailed information about the Concord Eye-Q 4360z, which costs $199, contact Concord Camera on the Web.

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