Looking Back: What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in IT for 2013?

Looking Back: What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in IT for 2013?

Wow…can you believe that we're so close to the end of 2013? The older I get, the faster time seems to fly. I remember telling the wife in April that Christmas was just around the corner. She laughed at me and dismissed my comment as just another silly thing I say. But, here we are.

She's just not as old as I am so time still moves a bit slower for her, I guess. Must be nice.

From my perspective, it's been a weird year for IT. It's truly been a year of change.

Microsoft has continued cutting programs and altering the business, trying to position themselves as a company that can make a huge comeback. We might see how much of their effort culminates into success sometime in 2014. The company killed two very popular aspects of customer outreach when they dumped TechNet Subscriptions and decided to allow TechEd to "absorb" the Microsoft Management Summit. Oh, and Steve Ballmer is leaving – yeah, that happened in 2013.

Blackberry has become the laughing stock of the industry. Google has vaulted ahead of Apple in the smartphone and tablet business. Amazon, an online retailer, is the reigning king of the Cloud. Dell succeeded in becoming a private company. Lenovo became the number 1 PC maker in the world. HP's Meg Whitman decide to announce competition war with Microsoft on all fronts.

See? All weird stuff.

But, despite all of that (and more), there's only a handful of that truly affects what IT does day-to-day or are tasked with implementing. So, to the point, we're interested to know what your biggest challenges have been for 2013. BYOD? Cloud computing? Operating System deployment?

We've engineered a quick poll to give you the ability to voice your opinion. We'll circle back in a month or so and let you know the results. And, of course, the results will help us tailor our 2014 content.

Jump out to the following link and participate in the short poll:

What has been your biggest IT challenge of 2013?

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