A Look at Entrust/WebCA

Entrust/WebCA 1.01 consists of five main parts: the client interface, the admin interface, the WebCA admin, the WebCA manager, and the WebCA directory. The client interface lets clients request and retrieve certificates. The admin interface lets WebCA administrators submit administrative commands, such as adding, deleting, revoking, and renewing certificates. The WebCA admin executes these commands. The WebCA manager signs certificates, holds the CA signing-key pair, audits system activities, and holds WebCA administrator and user information. The WebCA directory is an LDAP directory where WebCA stores all created and revoked certificates. The client and admin interfaces are HTML files and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs. The WebCA admin, manager, and directory are NT services. The admin interface, WebCA admin, and WebCA manager are password-protected.

Entrust/WebCA 1.01 runs on NT Server 3.51 and NT Server 4.0 and requires Microsoft IIS 3.0 or Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0. You can install the software on an existing NT server or a dedicated server. WebCA uses about 15MB of disk space for the software and 10MB of disk space for 500 certificates. Installation of WebCA is quick and straightforward. If you don't want to customize WebCA, you can use it immediately after installation.

TAGS: Security
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