Locating and Using the GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2

Locating and Using the GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2

After talking about the February update that has released and covering one of the new features, the Manual Weight Tracking, some have mentioned they can’t find the new GPS Power Saver function.

The new GPS Power Saver feature allows Runners and Bikers to enable a mode that supposedly will provide an additional 4 hours of Band battery life. Those that are familiar with using Microsoft Band know that using the GPS for activities is the quickest way to kill available battery. Due to this severe battery drain, both bikers and runners could get maybe a little over 2 hours before having to charge again. That’s not long enough for a half-marathon for some and definitely not long enough for a full marathon. I regularly run carrying a small, portable power supply just in case. For my longer runs, I can stop, have a snack, and let the Band recharge.

However, this new feature (which I’ve yet to test out) is supposed to ensure enough Band battery to last a couple marathons. To locate it and turn it on:

  1. Open either the Run or Bike tile.
  2. Swipe over to the GPS screen and make sure the GPS is turned on.

  1. Swipe up to reveal the GPS Power Saver and turn it on.


Like I said, I’ve not been able to test this feature yet, but hope to this weekend when I’ve prepared for a long run. I assume that it turns off unnecessary or nonessential Band functions that might otherwise be necessary for smartwatch capability (notifications, screen display, etc.), otherwise, why not use it for every activity? I’ll report back when I know more. Feel free to drop me a note to let me know your own findings.

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