Live Mesh Remote Desktop: It works in Vista Home Premium too

I should have mentioned this in my Live Mesh Preview, but a reader question just reminded me of this issue. You may be familiar that the Remote Desktop feature in Windows requires Windows XP Tablet PC/Professional Editions, or Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise: Home versions need not apply. This is a problem with the remote access feature in Windows Home Server, because that feature relies on Remote Desktop functionality. Thus, Microsoft's "Home" server can't provide remote access to "Home" versions of Windows. Silly.

Armed with this knowledge, you may assume that Live Mesh Remote Desktop, part of the Live Mesh tech preview, will only work on non-home versions of Windows. But that doesn't appear to be the case: I've only had time to test it with Windows Vista Home Premium, but remote access does work. And my guess is that it would work fine with any home version of XP or Vista.

Good stuff.

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