Lenovo Transform: 25 Years of ThinkPad Models and Their History (Gallery)


Earlier this week I was in New York City for Lenovo Transform where the company made announcements in two key enterprise/business related areas for their new data center offerings and PC as a Service (PCaaS) including the new ThinkStation P320 Tiny desktop computer.

Although Transform was not a consumer event, there was a great display of several ThinkPad laptops because the company is celebrating 25 years of the brand in 2017. This October, which is the official anniversary month, they are planning to release a limited edition commemorative model that will take from both the brand's past and look to its future.

I shared several images of these devices on Twitter during the event and the reaction from those who have used the ThinkPad was great and understandable as they were truly iconic in many ways.





The walk down memory lane was terrific and I certainly used more than one of these models over my many years in the Navy. Those early hefty models could take a beating and just keep working. I hope you enjoy the gallery - let us know about your favorite ThinkPad from over the years in the comments below.

Note: The author ​was provided transportation and accommodations by Lenovo to attend Transform in New York City.


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