Learn All About the Xbox One in 12 Minutes

Learn All About the Xbox One in 12 Minutes

Releasing for good on November 22, 2013, there's been a whole gaggle of news and rumors that have proliferated over the past few months. With each new story, Microsoft has shifted resources to either fend off negative press or make adjustments in policies. Many of the negative rumors were, most likely, pushed public by Sony employees or fanboys of Sony's gaming consoles. Sony's own next generation console, the PS4, releases on November 29, 2013. Microsoft's Xbox console has beaten all other competitors handily for the last few years. Sony is in a situation where they need to do better, however Microsoft has the market strength, momentum, vision, and backend technologies to keep them on top for a long while.

The Xbox brand is a unique area for Microsoft. It is the one consumer area in which they have done well. Microsoft tends to fail in the consumer market due to poor communication and uninspiring marketing. Microsoft's major strength has always been the Enterprise and try as they might, they can't seem to create a solid connection with consumers. Microsoft is attempting to change that, but the Xbox brand is that one area that has done well despite Microsoft. Xbox has taken on a life of its own.

One of the ways that Microsoft is attempting to change perception has been providing feature demos. As an example, Microsoft's Surface device line sold poorly after the release of the first generation, but the second generation is doing much better because they have invested in showing the public what a Surface can actually do and how it can enhance your life.

In a recent video release, Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten spend about 12 minutes walking through the majority of features of the upcoming Xbox One. After watching, I'm positive you'll find all of the features they cover such as instant switching, biometric sign-in, Live TV, Skype, game DVR, and others, as exciting and powerful.

Sony is going to have a tough time catching up.

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