Latest Groove Update Puts Microsoft’s Music Service App where it Should Be

Latest Groove Update Puts Microsoft’s Music Service App where it Should Be

I keep several smartphone types on-hand. I use an iPhone, Android (Samsung), and a Windows Phone (Lumia 950). I keep all of these around for testing. Recently, I moved to the Samsung for my daily use. Why? Because, the sad fact is that Microsoft apps work better on other platforms than they do on the company’s own devices. Throw in the other reality, that the other platforms also have the most crucial apps, and it really makes Windows Phone a non-starter for most people. I held out as long as I could, but like what happened to me with Windows CE and then early Windows Phone, I couldn’t wait any longer. And, I’m not alone.

However, one of the more surprising hold-out apps was for Microsoft’s Groove service. Run any other Microsoft supplied app on iOS and Android and you’ll get a great experience (much better than on Windows Mobile/Phone). But, what the company had provided with Groove was a half-baked offering. It was buggy, featureless, and hard to navigate.

But, that’s no longer a problem. And update to the Groove app finally brings a solid contender to both iOS and Android. For those (like me), that subscribe to Microsoft’s latest attempt at a music service, this is great news. After installation and allowing Groove to resync my music, I’ve found the app to be a perfect music companion for my Android smartphone.

The Microsoft Groove music service will probably never lead the electronic music industry, but the app update does make it easier to love.

For Android: Microsoft Groove

For iOS: Microsoft Groove

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