Korean Firms to Seek Windows XP Injunction

South Korea's largest Internet portal, Daum Communications, says that it will seek a court injunction blocking the sale of Windows XP in Korea. The move comes after several complaints from the company, which alleges that XP is anti-competitive, and constitutes unfair business practices. The company will meet with numerous other technology companies in the country next week to determine which wish to join them in the new complaint.

"Microsoft is infringing upon users' privacy by demanding excessive user information when installing Windows XP in the computers," the company wrote in a statement explaining its decision. "We are considering collective action to counter it with other companies." The Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is still considering an earlier complaint that Daum and several other companies made about Windows XP and its bundled applications.

Microsoft says it won't respond to the complaint until the Korean FTC issues a decision. "But as we have said earlier, we are willing to talk with Daum and other companies if they want," a Microsoft spokesperson said.

TAGS: Windows 8
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