KiXtart 4.64 Officially Released

KiXtart 4.64 Officially Released

In a world where VBScript is slowly being replaced by PowerShell, it's great to see an old standby like KiXtart still being developed as a very useful management scripting language.

KiXtart was originally developed as a logon script processor for the Microsoft LAN Manager environment back in 1991 by Microsoft's Ruud van Velsen. Over time, the scripting language has taken on additional functions, working with ADSI, ADO, WMI and emerging Microsoft technologies. Development has never ended with Ruud releasing periodic updates over the years.

Today, KiXtart 4.64 has been released and is available for download.

New functionality/enhancements included in this release:

  1. Updated @PRODUCTTYPE issues.
  2. Fixed issue of SHELL command creating console in WKIX32
  3. Fixed issue with SidToName failing on specific SIDs
  4. Built using Visual Studio 2013 (inc XP targeting option)
  5. Fixed OS version issue on Windows 8.1
  6. Added support for logon with Microsoft account

Download the latest version: KiXtart 4.64

Download the manual:  KiXtart manual

Join the KiXtart group on myITforum: KiXtart Community Group

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