Kid Tested, Father Approved: Syncwire Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable

I don’t know about you, but in our house one of the bigger repurchases we have is USB sync/charging cables. Our family is four kids and two adults, and while my wife and I are pretty careful with gadgets and accessories, our kids seem to think that we have a USB cable tree somewhere in the backyard that yields all year long. So, I’m in constant “purchasing agent” mode to find durable but reasonably priced replacements.

I recently snagged a two-pack of Micro USB cables from Syncwire and immediately out of the package I handed them directly to our youngest son to test. He’s the biggest offender of frayed and broken cables and the perfect guinea pig. If these things will break, he will figure out a way to do it. Due to the Syncwire construction (nylon braided) they continue to last. He’s had them for about month using them during band camp and a mission trip, in addition to normal, daily use, and they are still intact. The wife and I are actually pretty amazed so far.

Alternatively, if you are tasked with supporting end-users who seem to have the same aptitude for breaking cables as my son does, this option will save you a lot of money in the long run. This is actually my second experience with Syncwire products recently. I recently reviewed the Syncwire 4-Port USB Wall Charger and am still using it.

For the price, strength, and durability, it’ll be hard to top the Syncwire brand cable and I’ll be stocking up on these for the future.

You can get a set of two from for around $11: Micro USB Cable [Ultra Durable] Syncwire [2-Pack 6.5ft] Nylon Braided Charger Cable

Syncwire is offering a 20% discount if you use the following code: HRIVULG2

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