Keep Working While You Exercise with SurfShelf

A laptop shelf for the gym is a way to keep entertained while working out—or to make sure you can keep checking your email.

If you want to make sure you're never separated from your laptop, check out SurfShelf, a laptop shelf that clamps onto treadmills and other exercise equipment. The polycarbonate shelf is built to lock your computer in place on most gym machines.

The SurfShelf website says the shelf's inventor was bored working out in a garage and wanted to use his laptop to keep up with TV during his workout. To make web browsing while exercising easier, SurfShelf's creators made In-Gym, which lets you use your arrow keys to navigate to popular video sites.

The IT pros that I know are more likely to use the SurfShelf to let them keep working while working out instead of watching videos. If you're going to stay on the clock while running, maybe you can compromise and watch IT-related videos at

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TAGS: Windows 8
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