JSI Tip 9940. AutoStreamer freeware creates a slipstream.

AutoStreamer works as a slipstreamer-only. Basically, all it really needs is a source (that being an original Windows CD or a local share) and a Service Pack file.


Main screen, Using CD, Picking Service Pack file, Skiping slipstreaming, ISO options, Working!


1. Windows 2000/XP/2003 (Windows 9x/Me won't do)
2. The latest (complete) version of AutoStreamer
3. Administrative privileges
4. A CD recorder and a blank CD

Supported Service Pack files:

- Windows 2000: SP3 onwards (meaning you can't select a SP1/SP2 file as a service pack)
- Windows XP: Any
- Windows 2003: Any

Running AutoStreamer

Here's an example of Windows XP SP2 slipstreaming by Powerless:



updated January 19th 2005
AutoStreamer 1.0.33 (Installer) \[844KB\]


Brought to you by SteelTrepid and Raptor

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