JSI Tip 9580. How do I display all the hardlinks on my system?

I described Linkd.exe to create NTFS Junction Points in tip 2600.

Microsoft has provided Hlscan.exe to display NTFS Junction Points.

When you open a CMD.EXE window and type hlscan /?, you receive:

Commands available are:

* hlscaN \[/log \[location\]\]
Scans the current volume.

* hlscaN /all \[/log \[location\]\]
Scans all NTFS volumes on the local system.

* hlscaN /dir <directory name> \[/log \[location\]\]
Scans recursively from <directory name>

* hlscaN /file <file names> \[/log \[location\]\]
Scans only files specified by <file names> (non recursively)

* hlscaN /?
Print this help.

\[/log \[location\]\] is an optional switch to log the results
to a file in addition to printing them on the screen.
"Location" defaults to Hlscan.log in the current directory.
NOTE: See tip 6705 » What are the free Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools?

NOTE: See tip 8237 » What are the free Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools?

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